Going Away For The Holidays? Here’s Our Top 5 Tips For Travelling light

Hiring a car to go away for the holidays if you need more luggage space can be a wise move. Unfortunately sometimes the more space you have in your car, the more things you will find to fill it.

Naturally if you’re travelling any great distance with your family it is better to be prepared for anything, particularly if you happen to be travelling with young children. Even so if you follow these five tips, you should be able to save enough space to keep everyone comfortable on the trip.

Keep shoes to a minimum. Shoes can add a lot of weight to luggage as well as taking up a lot of space. Rather than pack an entire wardrobe of shoes just take those you will need for the trip and the activities when you get there.

Only pack the makeup you need. Cleansing wipes are a good idea instead of liquid cleansers

Don’t take all your electronic devices with you. Besides risking having them stolen, a good smartphone should have everything you need to keep in touch with the office or your clients if you are away.

Don’t go away expecting the worst to happen. If you pack for every eventuality there is a good chance that most of those extreme event items won’t be used and you will simply be taking them for the ride. Unless you’re travelling across a remote desert wasteland you can always find shops to buy what you need.