Tips For Driving In the Snow

We may have had a mild start to winter here in the UK but the longer term unpredictability of the Great British weather can have a surprise or two up its sleeve including snow as we move into the second half of winter.

Snow presents some difficult challenges for drivers who rarely encounter the white stuff more that once or twice a year so preparation can be vital to avoid accidents. The following are some simple tips that can go a long way towards making your journey safe in the snow.

Before you set off

Make sure you pack some warm clothes, a shovel, a torch blanket, mobile phone plus charger and a tow rope just in case you find yourself stuck in heavy snow. Once the engine cools, the temperature can soon drop inside a car. All out hire cars will be fitted with tyres that have adequate treads and they will also be filled with coolant and screen wash so at least these will be a few less things to worry about.

Allow plenty of time to get to your destination 

Driving in heavy snow can add a lot of time to your journey. Make sure you have enough time to drive at safe speeds

On the road 

Make sure you accelerate gently and use lower revs than you normally would. Leave plenty of stopping distance between you and the car in front and avoid breaking sharply as this can mean you lose control of the car. If you do end up sliding in the snow steer into the skid.

If you are concerned about driving in snow, it may be better to put off unnecessary journeys until the weather improves. Primary routes will be clear most of the time but if your journey involves going off the beaten track it may be sensible to delay the journey to avoid the risk of getting stuck.