Tips for Safe and Comfortable Driving with your Pet

Hiring a car doesn’t mean you have got to leave your pet at home or in temporary accommodation until you get back. There are however some important things to remember when taking your pet out in a hire car.

When most people hire a car and take pets with them, those pets are usually of the canine variety. Cats, exotic pets tend not to travel well so for the purposes of this blog we’ll focus largely on getting you and your dog through your trip safely.

The first thing to consider is the comfort level of the car you hire. Estates and larger 4x4s are better than smaller cars because they provide you and your dog with plenty of space. If you’re travelling with a large family, then an MPV or estate car are probably better choices, so that the dog can have its own space at the rear.

It is very important that your pet is kept in its own space where it won’t be leaping around the car or distracting the driver. Leaving your pet loose can have serious consequences when it comes to road safety.

Lastly it is worth making sure that the areas where you keep your pet are covered with plastic sheets to avoid making a mess of your hire car and incurring any extra costs for damage to the car.