Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport

Elliotts Cars has a vast array of luxury 4x4 cars for hire but none so slick and sexy as the Range Rover Sport with the 3.6-litre TDV8 engine this is a sophisticated diesel-fuelled monster, with twin variable-geometry turbochargers one for each bank of cylinders and a pair of intercoolers. It goes without saying that this car produces a tsunami of torque.

The peak of all that torque smashes home at just 2,000rpm, enough to overcome even the chunk that the TDV8 carries around with it, you crush the scales at close to three tonnes with a full load on board.

As ever with all Ranger Rovers luxury and style is a massively prominent feature combined with the aggressive, taut exterior with the titanium-finished mesh stretched across its nose, this car is a beauty. Brembo brakes found at each corner, and the double wishbone, air-sprung suspension here too features a Dynamic Response system to stiffen up the anti-roll bars in readiness for a bend, not once you're halfway through.

You will look and feel a million dollars driving this Range Rover Sport around, be the eny of everyone you come in to contact with.

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