Is there an Insurance Excess?

  • There is an excess on all vehicles supplied by Elliotts Car and Van Hire, this is to cover the cost of any damage, loss of use, or theft of the vehicle during the rental period.
  • The excess is displayed on each individual vehicle on the booking page, as this does vary dependent upon the type and value of the vehicle.
  • A reduction on the excess may be possible at the discretion of Elliotts car and Van hire and our insurers at an additional cost. Excess waivers are only available at the commencement of the hire and not after the start.
  • In event of any of the above the full excess will be taken, and then after repairs etc have been valued the difference will be refunded if at all there is any difference.
  • All personal items that are in the rental vehicle are at your own risk, as Elliotts Car and Van Hire will not accept any liability for these as Elliotts Cars does not cover loss or damage to possessions.
  • We strongly recommend that you take out separate insurance cover to cater for this eventuality.
  • Remember never leave valuables on show when leaving the car hire unattended.